user HAMNET and password HAMNET for the websites that request it on hamnet idf
Green links =via INTERNET, Red ones =via HAMNET, Blue links=Both

  • News

    • DSTAR DCS033 is connected to HAMNET, via INTERNET ,via HAMNET
    • France DMR Cbridge and sMaster are connected to HAMNET, via INTERNET ,via HAMNET
    • Carte HAMNET IDF, via INTERNET ,via HAMNET
    • F1ZOI is the first french DMR repeater interconnected via HAMNET IDF.
    • F5ZEQ/F5KCK Satrouville Radio Club joined the network.
    • F6KAW Ivry RC joined the network.
    • Weather Station and radioactivity monitor on
    • Link F6CNB-F6KBS at 72Mbps.
    • GRE Tunnel to La Reunion island.
    • WebCam F5KTR
    • Link F6KBS-F8KHQ at 60Mbps+
    • DX Cluster F6BVP (Telnet port 7300 callsign)
    • DX Cluster F6CNB (Telnet port 7300 callsign)
    • BBS F6BVP (Telnet port 6300 callsign)
    • BBS F6CNB (Telnet port 6300 callsign)
    • DNS
    • fpac access: ssh fpacuser@ and password fpac

Hamnet IDF map

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